Can we create a reference link in Rblogdown webpage

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In R blogdown webpage, Can we create a reference link so that I only need to change the links in R file. For Example I will create Link1 and Link2 as shown below. So now can we render this Link1 and Link2 in R blogdown .md files, so once I change the links in the below document, the webpage should be rendered. Let say, In Config.toml file (of hugo-universal-theme) there is literally a facebook link. But I do not require this. I should only use this Link1 to render facebook page. Is it possible to achieve this?


Do you have a working example to look into about this ?
It will be easier to understand.

Blogdown is an R package, that uses Hugo to render a website thanks to some hugo templates. It is possible that what you want to achieve is in the hugo template feature or customization and not on the R side.

Sure I will explain below. In the below .md file (from devcows/hugo-universal-theme), you can see the link for github right? So my question was, can we name as Link1 (see Fiq2). So this Link1 is actually This reference should be given in other file like shown in Fiq3



Link2 =

Hi cderv. Wanted to check if this explanation was sufficient? :slight_smile:

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