Can we estimate the Lifespan of each nationalities in a given country

I have read many articles about survival/churn rate such as predicting hospital length of stay

As we know, each country has people from native country and foreigners (different nationalities). We have 20 different countries population data (Both native and different nationalities). Also, I have all birth rates of each individual nationalities in a given country. i.e Which year each nationality people were born.

For eg ([Example dataset]):

  • 110 Millions is the total population of a country.
  • 20 different nationalities stay in this country.

For each nationality, birth year has been reported. Since we dont know when each nationalities died. We can't apply Survival models or such.

Can we estimate the Lifespan/Death rate of each nationalities in a given country ?? Atleast Death rates on country level if not nationality level possible ?

If the data is insufficient, what data is necessary to estimate ? Please show guidance on applying Data science in the real world :slight_smile:

The Gapminder has country level data on mortality; I doubt that you'll be able to connect natal nationality with fatal nationality in any of them due to so many confounding factors, including age at immigration, socioeconomic status, etc. Same if you mean ethnic, rather than national, as far as base statistics.

Thanks for your guidance.

I was wondering if we can calculate ignoring confounding variables for a moment. Also, if gapminder had already has such data, then probably, they would have applied data science to the use case. can you share some references or anything relevant to this.

That would be great

See, e.g. @jennybryan's teaching materials

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