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RStudio and R commander are separate tools.

Here's instructions for setting up RStudio

And here are instructions for r commander

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Thanks Curtis, I did not expect any answer. The problem is fairly complex to explain. I work at a University in Australia and ever since I have had a new computer installed

I have had real problems . The trouble is our information technology section has implemented a policy whereby we cannot install unofficial executable programs.

We have to go through a complex process of applying to install any other programs, for example I used to have “Mathtype” but now I don’t have it.

Two months ago I could not get R Commander installed into R Studio, I eventually got it installed it took about 3 experts one month to fix the problem, they even reimaged the operating system. It was only a fluke that an IT guy found the problem was something to do with multiple R_History files.

Anyway the other day I fired up R Commander and tried to box plots on the Chicken_Weight Data and got a fatal error. I tried reinstalling R Commander and eventually I ended up with no R Commander at all.

Our work place has become so anal about security that I am finding it almost impossible creating a new Data Science unit. I thought there might be a simple answer. I am going to have to go back to our experts. I never have this problem with my own personal computer.

Hopefully you can see why explaining this problem is quite complex, I still have problems understanding directories and environments with complex IDEs etc.

Regards Alan

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