Cannot knit quarto document on

Hello everyone,

I would be surprised if there exists a solution, which I could implement on my end, but...

I am working on a Shiny app, which dynamically renders HTML reports based on user inputs. Of course, being on the Quarto bandwagon, I switched from using Rmarkdown to using quarto for the task. It turns out; however, that quarto cli is not currently installed on the Linux servers as per the app's logs:

! Unable to find quarto command line tools.

... which means that I will have to revert to Rmarkdown in the meantime.

My goal here is to inform the powers that be of this issue(?) and request that the quarto cli be installed on It didn't seem appropriate to open an issue on quarto's Github repo.

Thank you

The place to request system dependencies to be installed in is this github repo

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