Cannot load LARGE documents from on Google Chrome

I want to load this web page on Chrome: RPubs - CPI 12-month percentage change

It is a fairly big page. It will load without problems on Safari, but not on the new Chrome, though it did load on a previous Chrome version (I don't remember which one). I waited a long time for it to load, but to no avail. I have cleared cookies and the cache and rebooted, but it makes no difference. I have reset Chrome to its original settings and rebooted, but that also makes no difference. I have tried to load the page on Chrome on three different computers, but the page will not load on any of them. But as I said it always loads fine on Safari.

As I said, this web page is big. I am able to load other pages from the same site,, pages that are smaller. So is there a restriction in Chrome on the maximum page size? If so, how can I raise the maximum size? Have others using had this problem?

Any help appreciated.


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