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I'm trying to publish a new post from RStudio to my blog on Unfortunately, while the post is rendering as a local preview, it is not showing up on my blog. The background jobs tab gives me this:

[1/3] posts/Simple climate model/index.qmd

processing file: index.qmd

output file:

[2/3] archive.qmd
[3/3] index.qmd

Output created: ../../_site/posts/Simple climate model/index.html

Preparing to preview

Watching files for changes
Browse at http://localhost:6610/posts/Simple climate model/index.html

When I try to use the quarto publish command from the Terminal to connect to my blog, I get the message

MacBook-Pro:Blog jamesmilks$ quarto publish
bash: quarto: command not found

Any suggestions? I'm using RStudio Version 2023.03.0+386 (2023.03.0+386), R 4.2.3, and Quarto 1.2 on MacOS 10.15.7

This means that quarto is not found in your PATH on your system as a command you can use.
Did you try the quarto publish command inside RStudio Terminal ?

If this is the case, you could try check and update RStudio IDE version as this is possibly a fixed bug.

You can also install Quarto on your system and it will be avaialble in your PATH. We just released 1.3.340

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