Cannot publish to Rpubs

I don't know what is wrong about the R Markdown and cannot publish to Rpubs.

R Version 4.0.3
R Markdown Version 2.5

These are the error messages I get.

It seems you got an issue of writing permission in your folder.

From which working dir are you trying to publish ? Are you working from a RStudio project ?
It is best if you are.

Currently it seems R is trying to write directly to D: which is odd...

Question: Are you trying to publish to Rpubs for the first time, or have you been successfully publishing to Rpubs until just now?

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Yes, I work form RStudio. The file is in D: and R folder is in C:
After I moved the file to C: , the problem was solved.
Perhaps the files have to create at the same disk as R folder.

Thank you.

I bought a new PC 2 weeks ago and this is the first time using this PC to publish.
Thank you.

One advice: Use RStudio Project for this kind of work, you will prevent a lot of issue, and your project will be better organized. See about project here:

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Seems as if everything is fine now. Good! Happy publishing.


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