Cannot run RStudio with Git installed - major conflict

I've checked previous similar topics but none have been resolved.

I have used RStudio for years without any issues. Once I installed Git on my machine RStudio no longer works - all I get is the white screen of death.

What I've found is that RStudio has automatically chosen the wrong pathway to the Git.exe file but the option to use Browse to choose the correct pathway is not active. I can click through the file structure and select the right location and file but it doesnt change the pathway.


Act 2,
Finally resolved and it was indeed the wrong path chosen by RStudio to Git.exe that was causing the issues. However solving this was painful. I tried altering the PATH file, clearing the RStudio desktop directory before starting a new session but RStudio stubbornly refused to change the path to the git exe file.

I installed a piece of software that removes all traces of files associated with an uninstall and this did the trick. The amount of files that were still left after the Windows uninstall was scary and until I got rid of them my 'new' installs were continually being defaulted to the wrong path which had clearly not been removed.

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