cannot save R project/scripts

Good afternoon, everyone,
It seems like an "easy" problem but I could not fix it. I had to restart the computer and for that, I closed and saved my Rstudio scripts and project. Once I opened it again, after the reboot, I get the pop-up message "Error saving file - incorrect function" all the time.. while I'm typing or when I try to save the changes from the script. I already closed the project twice (and could not save the changes) and created another project with the same scripts, but I still have the same problem. I also tried to change the directory, but the message still pops-up while I type, so I cannot save any changes.
I'm using RStudio version 1.2.5019, R version 3.6.1.
Did someone also have the same problem?
Thanks a lot!

Try with the preview version, maybe it has been fixed already.

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