Cannot see "pending" question - does it still exist?

About an hour ago I made a post and when I hit submit I received a notification that my post had to be approved before being published. OK. Except I'm concerned that since I cannot see this pending post in my profile or anywhere else, I wondered if it had been deleted for some reason? Is there a way to view or see status of a recent post?

It’s not clear to me what about your post triggered the review (it’s usually a curse word, personal information, or false positives). Wait times for such reviews are usually quite quick.

Moderators have a menu to check out and approve all pending posts. But It doesn’t look like you have anything like this to check the status of your post.

Thanks for the info, I was more concerned that my post had been lost than I was with waiting for approval. Sounds like there's no way to view post status so I'll just wait.

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