Cannot set working directory

R_code <- setwd("This Pc/Downloads/NMC_5_0)")

when i input this i keep getting an error saying "Error in setwd("This Pc/Downloads/NMC_5_0)") :
cannot change working directory." However, I cannot imagine why. I have never set the wd, and I only downloaded the R Studio software two days ago.

Hi, and welcome!

Sorry to have overlooked this earlier

There's a spurious character at the end )"), the first )

setwd("This Pc/Downloads/NMC_5_0")

will change the working directory.

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Why would you want to set the working directory?

Projects are the way to go (and have been for a while):

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Setting the working directory is a basic R task that everybody should be able to do.
I can think of many situations in which you want to do so, and not necessarily just because you may not use RStudio projects.

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