Cannot update/restart/archive my app


I noticed my shinyapps wasn't working at all and attempted to restart it and then tried to deploy the latest code after checking it ran locally without any issues.

I get the following error both in the console and on the shinyapps website

BlockquoteError: HTTP 409
Unable to dispatch task for application=6169380 as there are 1 tasks already in progress. This is most likely a transient error. Please try again in a bit. If this error persists please contact support.

I saw a similar post to this that required someone to delete the task.

Hello @sirjimmus and welcome to RStudio Community.

Did you try to delete the task like you saw in your search? If yes, what happened?

Thank you.


That advice was saying the task delete option wasn't available to end users, albeit in 2019.

I did find an option to stop an instance that was running which solved the issue and it's working again.

Thank you for getting back to me !