Can't access shiny-server service from host machine

I'm not sure if this is the right place to write, because i don't know at which level is the problem.

I installed CentOS 8 on a VirtualBox. I installed R, all the required packages on this VM, and i've installed shiny-server.

The service is active, the machine is listening on port 3838 but i can't access the service from the host machine.

There's an host-only adapter on the VM. It seems all fine to me, but the service is unreachable from outside the VM.

A friend of mine said that probably is a configuration problem of the service, or maybe is something about permissions.

I post here some command results from the VM that it may be usefull.

Sorry for the images but i can't find a way to capy the clipboard from the VM.

Hoping that i'm not bothering you with something unrelated to shiny.
Thank you in advance.

This not related to shiny at all but in case it helps, here is a guide on how to connect to your server from the host.

Ok, sorry for posting something unrelated to shiny. In the end was the guest firewall. I've finally resolved my problem configuring appropriately the firewall. Thanks for the patience.

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