Can't Allocate Vector of Length 3.8 MB: Memory Limit Issues

Hello! I am facing some issues in loading a huge dataset. It shows "can't allocate vector of length 3.8 MB". I have tried increasing the memory limit through memory.limit() command, but still getting the same error.

This means that you don't have enough (free) RAM memory available in your system. Try releasing memory before reading the file (delete unnecessary objects from your environment and close all unused programs). Depending on your operating system you could also try adding SWAP memory.

Hey, thank you so much for the response! I tried deleting everything that could potentially take up space and ensured that I have cleared up a lot of RAM, but somehow I am still getting the same error. In fact, it still shows "3.8 MB" in the error. Is there any other way to load huge datasets?

R works with on-memory data but there are some on-disk approaches like with this package

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