Can't figure out how to add a new keyboard shortcut

I know there is a whole lot of possibilities to use Addins and while I am able to use the existing ones, I can't add my own, yet.

I have read this blog but can't see any button on modify keyboard shortcuts that allows to add a new shortcut.

I have also installed the recommended packages to see the examples.

devtools::install_github("rstudio/addinexamples", type = "source")

I can't get to add a simple shortcut for %in%.
I am able to successfully call it using addinexamples::insertInAddin() but can't map it to a keystroke yet. I want ctrl-I to be mapped to it.

Can someone give me the exact steps?


in the RStudio toolbar look for 'Tools' -> 'Modify Keyboard Shortcuts'

I know this. But still I cannot edit the first column.

I have successfully added addins from a package called datapasta but those were preprogrammed shortcuts and I just could change / assign key strokes to existing rows. How can I add more rows that I want to create on my own? Am missing something basic.

Attaching a screenshot where I added one shortcut (highlighted it) but that was for a preexisting row.

As you see the row was pre existing and if I click anywhere it allows only editing the colmn 2.

I want to add more rows.

I dont understand. What do you want to make a shortcut to ?

If you want to create a shortcut to something other than a built-in command (or add-in command), try the shrtcts package:

you have added insertInAddin() thats a good sign.
verify Insert %in% appears in the addins drop down.
If so it should be there amongst all the others in the keyboard shortcuts panel, maybe its just hard to spot
I searched on insert and it was my last row, I clicked it and set it to Ctrl+I

Strange, I donot see Insert%in% in my shortcuts. Here is my screenshot with insert typed in search box.

I've scrolled the list multiple times but I cannot spot it. Could it be the Name is different? And how do I really see the description of each of the Names. Some of them are cryptic.

I got the solution !
I was missing one step: to execute the script from addins menu.
Adding my screenshot to explain what I did.

The menu was accessed by clisking on browser addins.

Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 12.10.49 AM

This is one step I had missed.

We can close this question now.

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