Can't finsh downloading the packages

I use R behind a corporation proxy and in the department we have 2 computers. Mine is an arch linux and Rstudio works like a charm, but my coworker has a windows computer (Windows 7) and for the life of me I can't figure out what's wrong.

The proxy settings in .Renviron are set (if I remove the I get a timeout), the "Use secure download method for HTTP" is off (because proxy policies don't allow some https connections, don't ask me why). Configuration is essentially same as mine but it just won't finish downloading the files.

After setting all proxy configs it does begin the download, it gets up to 98% and freezes. It doesn't finish a single one. I've tried with admin user, with different cran mirrors, different proxies even (we have 2).

I know this proxy things come up pretty often and I've done an extensive search, tried multiple things and I can't make it work.

R version is 3.6.2 (no packages installed)

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