Cant get Time Format

Hello I can get to import my time column as a time format or date_time format It returns NA, how can i go about this, first_form should be time format and look like last_form(which is currently character) on the preview

Inmigrations <- read_excel("Inmigrations.xlsx", 
    col_types = c("skip", "skip", "skip", 
        "skip", "text", "date", "text", "text", 
        "numeric", "text", "numeric", "date"))

if its in a nonstandard time format then load it as character, and transform it to a time representation in a further step.
probably the hms library will be useful.
Once you have read the data with the time columns as character, read through this reprex guide, on how to share a sample of the data if you require further help.

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