Can't import distill post with `distill::import_post`


I am trying to import a post from a separate Gitlab repository using the distill::import_post function. As an example I am using the standard distill example article:

title: "Untitled"
description: |
  A new article created using the Distill format.
  - name: Nora Jones 
    affiliation: Spacely Sprockets
date: "`r Sys.Date()`"
output: distill::distill_article

#```{r setup, include=FALSE}
knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = FALSE)

Distill is a publication format for scientific and technical writing, native to the web. 

Learn more about using Distill for R Markdown at <>.

The post renders well and the repository also includes the finished html product.

When I try to import the post in my blog, I get the following error message:

Error: Unable to import article (this article is a page within a Distill website rather than a standalone article

Can anyone lead me in the right direction regarding this error?

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The doc about the function is here:

What did you try exactly ?

This error means that you are trying to import from a website. How did you render you document: is this within a blog ? Is this a standalone article ,

If you have a reproducible issue, please open one on the Distill repository and we will look into it.


thanks for your answer!

I tried to import from a (internal) gitlab repository like this:

The finished html file for the blog was from a standalone distill::article rmarkdown file. By referencing the (raw) finished html file, i got rid of the error:

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