Can't install lantern and CUDA to complete Torch

I apparently managed to install Torch for RStudio. But whenever I library(torch) it in console I get "Additional software needs to be downloaded " and something breaks along the lines of CUDA and stops and no Torch. Worth noting is that on my laptop with no NVidia just CPU, Torch works fine. I wiped clean all CUDA drivers, cuDNN, checked Environment Variables, tried to install from cmd.exe with RStudio not started, also downloaded files and tried those if net connection is issue, but no avail.
Only CUDA toolkit and cuDNN I have is ver. 11.7 as asked by Torch . I asked ChatGPT many times, tried godknows what not. Googled wide and thru.. If anyone can help, maybe I'm missing something trivial simple. I would really like to use NVidia.
Here is last drop from console:

Set the timeout to option to a larger value:

options(timeout = 10000000)

It would also make sense to open an issue in the repository of the torch R package and suggest increasing the default timeout.

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