Can't make fontawesome work with pdf

I'm trying to print icons using fontawesome in pdf documents. Although the package now seems to supports pdf, I can't make it work.

E.g., the following only prints "foo".

output: pdf_document

#| echo: false
#| results: asis

paste("foo", fontawesome::fa("orcid")) |> cat()

You should not include that in a paste and behind a cat. This will prevent knitr to know what to do with the output, and load the right dependencies and right syntax for the chosen output format.

Use inline R code

output: pdf_document

foo `r fontawesome::fa("orcid")`

See examples in README: GitHub - rstudio/fontawesome: Easily insert FontAwesome icons into R Markdown docs and Shiny apps

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Thanks for your reply.

Then I guess what I initially wanted to do isn't possible since I needed to produce this kind of output dynamically:

Too bad, I'll stick to my clumsy solution for now :slight_smile:

I don't really understand how this related to your try with a chunk instead of an inline.

This looks like the author part of a paper to me. To do this kind of things, we usually to this at the Latex template level when processing the author field.

See example in rticles package, like JSS

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