Can't open project or start new one- "Loading Project"


I am unable to open my current project or create a new one. Each time I try it gives me the "Loading Project" screen. It has sat here for 20 minutes but still nothing!

Here is my project url:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, this project is due tomorrow!



Hi Ben,

I'm having an issue that sounds almost exactly the same as yours. It hasn't been resolved yet, but I'll post a link to the thread just in case a solution comes up:


I am currently experiencing this exact behavior. I wonder if it's a universal issue at the moment.


Can anybody in this thread follow @joem's sleuthing (below) to see if a similar issue might be affecting you?

Are you accessing RStudio Cloud from an environment where your internet access may be filtered (e.g., a campus network)?

If so, does the problem persist if you try to access projects from a totally different network?


That was my issue @jcblum. The URL is being filtered by my Institute's filter somehow. I'll have a chat with them!


I'm on a personal network so I can't imagine that's the issue. My project is derived from a professor's project within my institute so maybe that could possibly be the issue?


Sounds like it's more likely that your endless loading has a different source then! I believe the URL filtering issue should be network-dependent, not project-origin-dependent. (sorry, I know that's puts you right back where you were :worried: )


If you open a support ticket by sending an email to, we can try to figure out what's going on with your project. Please include the url to your project, and if you could, a screenshot with the browser's javascript console open. Thanks.