Can't view chunk output with "Show in New Window"


I have been having trouble viewing output within Rmarkdown documents and Notebooks. When I run a chunk of code, the output appears inline...

However, when I press the "Show In New Window" button, the output is all white...

MacOS 10.14.1 (Running in Dark Mode)
RStudio 1.1.463 (Rstudio theme: Modern, Editor font: FiraCode Retina)
R 3.5.1

Many thanks

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Your code seems working fine to me. Just try to revert the changes if you have done any in your markdown chunk settings.

Please find attached screenshot and click on revert changes button and then re run your rsession.


I was able to reproduce this, but the issue appears to be fixed with the preview release of RStudio. We're hoping to get the final v1.2 release release early next year; if you're willing you might give it a download and try it out.

Thanks so much - that is helpful to know.

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