Cellwidth in pheatmap

Hello all!

I have been using pheatmap a little bit in a creative way. Basically, I want to make a timeline of two co-occurring events to be able to visualize the timeflow and the impact of both events on each other. The problem I am having is that my cellwidth (which I have defined using cellwidth (cellwidth = 1.1) differs. Some cells are slightly wider than others. Does anyone know what is causing this?

I have attached a snippet showing the problem: some coloured red cells seem to be slightly wider that others in the snippet. The top row shows the first event and the bottom row the second. I hope you can see what I mean!

I think it has to do with scaling: I am trying to fit in more than a 1000 columns in the plot and when scaling, somehow, certain cells are made broader than others. I there a way how to fix this?

My best!

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