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I am trying to center the contents of my website using quarto. My _quarto.yml looks like this, which I think is pretty basic, no css. I am seeing all my content left aligned (that is, a huge white margin on the right instead of nicely centered content as I see in quarto's own site and many other blogs). I am wondering if I'm missing something or if I added something that made it wrong. This is my site just to show what I'm referring to. All content goes to the left, huge extra margin at the right (example post Matias Andina - Queen’s Gambit)

    page-layout: article # doesn't seem to do much
      light: cosmo 
      dark: cosmo
    code-copy: true
    code-overflow: wrap
    toc: true

I also tried using grid by reusing what quarto has on its own website, but this only changes the sizes of the side panels, body, and margin. Not whether all content is centered on screen.

I also tried using the same theme.scss from quarto's site quarto-dev/quarto-web/blob/main/theme.scss, but that didn't seem to work on the local render either.

As of today, I removed the navbar, and somehow that fixed the centering issue. I guess the full grid was problematic. And I can do away without it for now.

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