Centering images in blogdown post

How do you center your images on blog posts? I use the "Insert Image" Add-in and adjust the width in an effort to move the image around..but that just messes with the resolution of the image!

Right now, once I use the Add-in, I get this code. Is there anything I can add to this line of code?

![NHL Playoffs](playoff-hit.gif){width=800px height=350px}
<p align="center">
![NHL Playoffs](

AFAIK, the markdowns have no image alignment tags, but the above works in regular markdown and RMarkdown


This is great. Thanks!

Also, how would I adjust the size of the image with your code?

I'd like width=800px height=350px

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Answering my own question here:

Add {width=800px height=350px} after the brackets ()

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I think you can also do:

![NHL Playoffs](playoff-hit.gif){width=800px height=350px}

although I haven't tested this


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