Change App Ownership

An owner can add additional collaborators to a published app but can an admin change the owner of an app? Or is it recommended that the new owner re-publish the app?

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I think the owner will remain the same, even if a collaborator publishes to the same endpoint. Publishing to a new endpoint is one option, but it requires transferring all of the ACLs, etc. Further, none of the history can be transferred in this way.

The better solution is to actually transfer ownership! Ownership transfers (of apps and other things) are now available in RStudio Connect 1.7.2 (released last week), so it is now possible to change the owner of an app through the usermanager CLI.

@cole Perfect! Thank you! I must have missed this release, we're running 1.7.0.

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No worries!! You're much more updated than others :wink:

Blog post for the release:

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Just a note that it is now possible to change the owner via the API