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Hi everyone,

I have two github accounts, a personal one and a new one I created with my email from work. I'm trying to connect RStudio with my new github account but with no success.
I've been following but I'm doing something wrong.

I have already changed my and in git bash to the email associated with my new GitHub account. When I try to push I get the following error:

remote: Permission to {new_github_account}/{project}.git denied to {old github user name}.
fatal: unable to access '{new_github_account}/{project}.git/': The requested URL returned error: 403

I've also created ssh and added to my new github account but I still get the error message.

What else do I need to do?

Can you connect to the new repo from the command line with your new credentials? I'd take that as a first step and if it works come back for RStudio. If not, change your password on the website

I can clone the rope from github but I cannot make changes and push back to github. I alwasy get the error I mentioned. I don't understand why my old github user name is still hanging in there.

Found the solution here:

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