Change search engine in hugo for blogdown

I would like to change the type of search engine within a blog made with blogdown and with the following theme:

This theme currently uses Google site_search , which is great, but it takes users away from the site.

How can I do that?

This is more of a Hugo-level change than blogdown, so I definitely recommend checking out the various options Hugo recommends:

Having played around with lunr.js a little bit, I will tell you that it isn't particularly easy. Another option is changing from Google's site search to Google Custom Search Engine, which gives you a little bit more control over appearance (but I think the user still gets taken away from the site β€” not 100% sure tbh):

I found the Hugo Discourse community threads on search options to be really helpful:

If you decide to go the lunr.js route, this post is pretty thorough:

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