Change URL of bookdown site

I have used bookdown for a while. In fact, this is the third time I've deployed the same textbook I wrote to bookdown. For some reason, each time I do this I create a new URL. I must be doing something wrong. This time, I have this one:

However, I would like to create a shorter vanity URL which is easy for my students to remember. I saw this post: Custom application URLs in RStudio Connect – RStudio Support and tried to follow. However, when I hover over my URL under "Content URL", I am unable to edit it. It just allows me to copy it, nothing else.

i.e. this bit here:

Is there a simple way of creating a customized URL for this bookdown site? Ideally I would like it to be PSY317L Guidebook which was the previous version of the site that I am looking to update/replace.


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