Change variable names

Hi there,
I would like to change the variable names in my data set but I receive an error. i do not understand why I cannot change the names just because they have missing values.

MDAA <- rename(MDAA, Sex motives = motive, Cyber victimization = Cyber,
In-person Victimization = person)

Here is the error:

Error: Selections can't have missing values.

  1. dplyr::rename(MDAA, SM = motive)
  2., SM = motive)
  3. tidyselect::eval_rename(expr(c(...)), .data)
  4. tidyselect:::rename_impl(...)
  5. tidyselect:::eval_select_impl(...)
  6. tidyselect:::vars_select_eval(...)
  7. tidyselect:::loc_validate(pos, vars)
  8. tidyselect:::check_missing(pos)

I would appreciate it if you please help me out.
Best wishes,

The problem may be the spaces in the new variable names. Try
MDAA <- rename(MDAA, `Sex motives` = motive)

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