Changing origin/remote that Rstudio Github to which Rstudio connects

My company migrated its repos to a new platform recently. I had to disconnect from my remote repo during the migration and am now trying to connect to the new remote. The structure/etc. is the same as far as I am aware, I just need to supply a new URL for the new remote. Rstudio still has the old one and won't let me change it. I cast around online a bit and the few pages I found that seem to address this involve a lot of command-line Git jiggery pokery that I reckon I am not understanding, because it doesn't work when I try it. It seems as though steps have been left out.

Any ideas?

This is more of a git question rather than R related so if you need more detailed steps maybe you would be better off asking it on a git specific forum but you simply have to open a system terminal (or git Bash on Windows), navigate to the project's folder and use this command to change the remote URL.

git remote set-url origin https://hostname/USERNAME/REPOSITORY.git

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