Changing the Increment of Sequences

I made the following grid in R:

n <- 3
 my_grid <- expand.grid(i1 = 1:n, i2 = 1:n, i3 = 1:n) 
my_grid$final_value = with(my_grid, sin(i1) + cos(i2) + i3)

In this grid, the increments are by "whole numbers",e.g. 1,2,3, etc. Is it possible to use the "expand.grid" statement and change the increment of the grid to "0.1"? E.g. 1,1.1,1.2...1.8,1.9,2, 2.1, 2.2....2.8, 2.9,3 ?


Something like:

n <- 3
 my_grid <- expand.grid(i1 = seq(from=1, to=n, by=0.1), i2 = 1:n, i3 = 1:n) 
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thank you so much! This works perfectly!

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