Changing theme leaves menu bar unaffected

I tried to change the theme of Rstudio, however, in contrast to what i am used to the new theme was only applied to the console and left everything else unchanged. Tried several more themes (costume and built in) but it didnt help

any ideas how I can apply new themes to the entire GUI?

This is normal for RStudio. It will change the script page as well.

thanks, however I have seen pictures where people managed to change the entire GUI to a dark theme so it seems to be possible (see screenshot attached)

So any idea how can this be done?


To get the dark theme for all the panes, you'll need to update to a more recent version of RStudio.

I am running version 1.3.1093 which is the newest version available to my information (updated today)

You are using the Classic theme; you need to switch to Modern to have the whole IDE themed.

Hi Jonathan, thanks, however even when using the Modern theme it doesnt help (see background of screenshot)

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