Character encoding broken after cairo/pango update

On linux:
Pango 1.44.6-1
Cairo 17.2+17+g52a7c79fd-1
r 3.6.1-1
rstudio-desktop-bin 1.2.1335-1

After recent update to cairo and pango character encoding is broken on RStudioGD.


Can you please suggest any options to correct this mess?
Thank you

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I don't think that it is an RStudioGD issue: I am not using RStudio and I am having the exact same issue (on Arch Linux).

Are you sure it is caused by cairo or pango? I tried downgrading both and the problem persists.

(I noticed the problem today, but I haven't plotted anything in R for a long time. So I don't know when the problem started and that makes it hard to pinpoint the problem upgrade...).

I have pin-pointed the issue just to recent pango 1.44. Downgrading to 1.43 solves the issue. My understanding is pango developers removed support for Type 1 bitmap fonts, whatever that means.