character string is not in a standard unambiguous format

Hi ,
I am new to R language.Just few days back started learning the R language.
When i am trying to call the data from the sql server table i am getting the error as
"character string is not in a standard unambiguous format".
Below is the code:
Could you please help me to solve this issue.

This is not a valid sql query, it should be something like

SELECT Person.Address
FROM Person

The exact syntax would depend on the specific sql dialect you are using

I am using Rstudio. Could you please let me know how to write in Rstudio in order to fetch rows from sql server table.

myconn <-RODBC::odbcDriverConnect(connection="Driver={SQL Server Native Client 11.0};server=LENOVO-PC\MSSQLSERVER2012;database=AdventureWorks2012_Data;trusted_connection=yes;")


This not depends on Rstudio but in your sql server, this sql query ("dbo.Employee") is not valid sql code.

Its hard to help you since I don't know the structure of your data base, but you need to use a query that follows this pattern

SELECT column_name 
FROM table_name

when i am running the below code then also i am getting same error:
resultset <- RODBC::sqlQuery(myconn, "SELECT *
FROM [AdventureWorks2012_Data].[Person].[Person]")


Hi there,

I tend to agree with previous answer that the issue is related to how you define the query that R should execute.

From my days using SQL server, the sql you are showing have a lot of MSSQL dialect in them. I would suggest to keep the sql simple and use only plain basic standard sql.

Try to use the query as:
select * from person

The database drivers should take care of the rest for you.



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