characterizing the michaelis-menten equation curve

I'm trying to find the point where the curve becomes a plateau, but I don't know how to do it.
I tried using the KneeArrower library, but I have no idea how to choose the threshold value for getting the cutoff point.
Any suggestion will be much appreciated.

so use method="curvature" which doesnt involve cutoffs ?

I used that method too, but I got too high values...

how do you know they are 'too high' , too high for what ?
make up a bunch of thresholds with the first approach , and find the one you like the most for your purpose ?
It seems you are lacking in criteria, or at least haven't communicated it on the forum yet.

I recommend plotting the function, the first derivative, and the second derivative in a way that you can see them clearly all at once. You should visually be able to identify logic for the values of these that characterize the plateau of the curve.

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