Chorddiag tooltip customization

Hello everyone,

I am trying to customize the chorddiag tooltip but i can't see any post or documentation of how to customize the tooltip. Here is a screenshot of how the tooltip is right now.

I want to customize the values in the tooltip to show when the values are in millions, e.g 12.1M and when in billions, e.g 12.1B else 12,000. My code for the chorddiag function is as follows. I just need an example of how to customize the tooltip and i can handle the rest.

m <- matrix(c(11975000,  5871000, 8916000, 2868000000,
              1951000000, 10048000, 2060, 6171000000,
              8010000, 16145000000, 8090000, 80450000,
              1013000000,   990000,  940000, 6907000),
            byrow = TRUE,
            nrow = 4, ncol = 4)

haircolors <- c("black", "blonde", "brown", "red")
dimnames(m) <- list(have = haircolors,
                    prefer = haircolors)

groupColors <- c("#000000", "#FFDD89", "#957244", "#F26223")
chorddiag(m, groupColors = groupColors, groupnamePadding = 20)



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