Chunk not printing output


I've used Rmarkdown for about a while and sometimes out of nowhere my chunks won't show data output.

Outputs of plots and single values have an output, but whenever i try to get a dataframe output it doesn't print it. It can be fixed by creating a new R file, but if it starts again i have to create a new file again.

I am very mystified about how this is happening. It's a consistent problem i've had for quite a while and i've looked at a lot of forums for help but i can't seem to find any help that works.
This has bothered me for so long, i'm going insane whenever it happens.

Just a note: I have the setting chunk output inline on and the file knits without a problem

another note: I am also using tidyverse in all my markdown files (if it might have anything to do with it)


Without any example, it will be hard to help you. Can you build an example that does not work for you so that we can try on our end ?

THank you !

sorry for the late reply but i seem to finally have solved the problem.

The error occured when saving the document with a name that contains special characters (like æ, ø or å). So to avoid the error you simply have to name the document without any special characters. I think i suspected this before, but when i renamed the file, the error still occured. This is because for some reason the file becomes "cursed" after saving it one time with special characters, so you have to make a new document if the error has even occured once.

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