Circular/Radial bar chart

I want to have a graphic from my data that is like a cicurlar stacked bar chart.
The numbers should be whole values, so it can stay that way. It would be great if you could only show the figures from Q1 19. So that in the end you have 5 ranges. That is, in addition to non-financial corporations (Nichtfinanzielle Kapitalgesellschaften), there are also financial corporations (Finanzielle Kapitalgesellschaften), private households (private Haushalte), government (Staat) and private non-profit organizations (private Organisationen ohne Erwerbszweck). And in these areas the division between cash (Bargeld), deposits (Einlagen), loans(Kredite) etc. should then be made.
This is how I imagine it.
And then you could use the chart (if you were to create a second chart at time Q2 19) to see the changes.
But when I do it the numbers look kinda messy.

If you have data and code , but feel what you have is messy and you would like help to improve it. Please consider sharing the data and code.

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