Citation Manager for R Markdown


Is there a citation manager that has an integration with R studio?
so I can write text, click on a button, add a citation and it will automatically format it and add it to the bibliography?


Have you seen the new visual editor for RStudio IDE ? It has citations features.

And it integrates well with Zotero.

It is very new as this is for next version 1.4. You can find the preview release here

And you'll find articles on the new features if you follow the blog

Hope this helps.

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The best solution at present is to use a bibtex reference manager (e.g Jabref or Bibdesk) and use the package citr to access the bibtex keys and cite.

The new preview version of RStudio 1.4 has a visual markdown editor which looks very promising, however, at present (likely due to prerelease version) I found was buggy.

For example if you added references using its search Pubmed function it does not check if the reference already exists in the bibtex database being used and will add duplicate references.

Here is a blog post from today on this RStudio 1.4 and citations

You should try the last preview release or last daily has bugs are fixed daily.
If you found issues, you should definitly open one in the github repo.

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