Class organization question

I am new to I am looking to host a STAT programming class here. I am curious as to the best way to organize this. I have two scenarios, regular on-your-own homework and a class project.

For the regular homework, is it better to create a single space, then within that space invite the class and have them create private spaces within there. OR, should I create a space for each student and invite each individually to that space?


Hey Bob,

Have you seen Mine's great talk on the subject? RStudio Cloud in the Classroom - RStudio. She goes over a lot of setups and when to use them. I found it really helpful. In general, for classes, I use workspaces with all students invited; RStudio Cloud handles both assignments and who can see who's sessions pretty well. I will sometimes use projects that students can copy if it is, e.g., a short workshop or sensible to have a single session.

Those are the two primary options I would explore; making a space for each is probably not a good approach.

Oh, awesome, no I had not!! Thanks for this!

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