Classify_emotion and classify_polarity for RStudio 3.6.3


I'm looking for an alternative to classify_emotion and classify_polarity. I have RStudio 3.63 and I would like to know how to use that functions.

Many thanks!!

I am not sure which package the classify_emotion and classify_polarity belong but typing the following in the terminal will give you the function help and examples.


In my experience, I have used packages like "tidytext" and "sentimentr" to complete various NLP related tasks.
Within "tidytext" there is a function "get_sentiments(lexicon="nrc")" which will give you the emotion for the texts.

For polarity and subjectivity related tasks, kindly also check the python package "TextBlob".
With the super interoperability of R & Python code within the RMarkdown document, you can use "TextBlob" within RStudio itself.

Best wishes.


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