Clear History Shortcut

What is a command I can use or a keyboard shortcut equivalent to pressing the little broom button in the History pane of RStudio which clears out the entire history buffer in the current session?

Note that I don't mean Ctrl+ L which clears the console window, I mean clearing history which is accessed by pressing the up-arrow in the console and is viewed in the History pane.

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Also, note that this question is taken from this StackOverflow question. I was not satisfied with the answers.

It's not listed in the short-cut cheatsheet. For projects, it's important to note that .Rhistory is set at the Rproj level. If selected in the first pane of preferences, history is saved on closing the project. If .Rhistory is removed outside the app, it will be recreated when the project is open and closed again.

After inspecting the broom object, it appears you'd have to do some heavy JS lifting to clear the panel.

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