Clearing the Search Data From 1st Iteration - R Shiny Dash Board


Below is the problem i am facing with the R shiny Dashboard, Data point 3 and Data Point 4 is not applicable for the 2nd search instance, but 1st search instance data is retained.

Tips or Tricks to wipe all the data created by multiple functions, prior to initiate the 2nd search instance.



I’m not sure I follow your question. Do you have a shiny reprex (Shiny debugging and reprex guide) and/or could you provide more background to help us understand what you’re looking for?

we had developing a dashboard for capturing the information from multiple servers and display on one page.
The servers which are slow to respond, Click Button is provided to initiate the data extract.

When I pull the data for the 1st product by Click Button, data is available.
If I search the 2nd, until i Click Button, 1st product data is displayed.
Our challenge is to clear the data from 1st product search, along with the initiation of 2nd Search.
Looking for guidance.

Or Clearing all the data displayed on dashboard, from the 1st search, along with the initiation of 2nd search, irrespective of data pulled with or with out Click button.


It's still hard to tell without more specifics, but maybe one of the patterns here will help.

If that doesn't help, it'd be hugely helpful if you could provide a code example or at the very least a screenshot or screencast of your current UI.

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