Clmm - Models - How can I create beautiful tables?

Dear All,

I would like to create a nice table with my output from clmm (Cumulative Link Mixed Models) I created quite a few clmm Models, which I would like to present in a nice way. At least I would like to have an output with z value, p value and confidence interval, it would be super to create an output with more then one model in one table. All the common visualizing packages are not supporting clmm function. Does someone has a pro advise for me?

I am a bloody beginner in r Studio, I would be so happy if you could explain easy for me.

(more Details : I have three dependent variables (types of pain) and about 5 independent variables (like gender, age, well-being etc))

Edit: its from the package ordinal (version 2019.12-10)

Thank you a lot in advance!!!!

There is no package called 'clmm' listed on CRAN; can you specify the package you used ?

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Yes, its from the package ordinal (version 2019.12-10)
Thank you!

start with this ?

fm1 <- clm(rating ~ temp + contact, data=wine)

Tutorial: tbl_regression • gtsummary (


It depends on all sorts of things but I would suggest having a look at Pretty tables using "FORMATTABLE" or How to make beautiful tables in R for some suggestions.

How to make beautiful tables in R has an interesting survey of a number of R packages.

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Thanks a lot, thats cool!! That works! Now I continue searching for a way to have more then one model in the table.

Thanks a lot fot the articles, it looks good! I will work through it!

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