code chunk output freezes

Hi everyone,

I have this Rmarkdown document. I can knitr it and it give me the pdf I need which includes tables and plot. If I run a code chunk manually, it gives me the output right underneath the code chuck in the source window.

Sometimes, that output freezes over the entire source window and doesn't allow me to close it. Blocking most my view of my code.

I have a screencast of what looks like if anyone would like see what I'm talking about:


Hmm, that is odd indeed. I might suggest changing your preferences so that R Markdown outputs are shown in the terminal rather than inline. This can be done in Preferences.

Preferences > R Markdown > Show output inline for all R Markdown documents

If you uncheck the above it may help. You may need to reset RStudio. I also have the following option changed:
Show equation and image previous: In a popup

Both of these settings avoids cluttering my Rmd with outputs. Personal preference.


It may also be a bug in RStudio, you may consider filing an issue here


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