code runs (no error) but ggplots not showing in RStudio plot window


I'm new to do this so this could be a basic question, apologies in advance.

I'm trying to map census data and I'm using ggplots. Each line of code of runs with no error BUT still a map doesn't appear in the plot window. Your help will be much appreciated, thank you.


In your screenshot it looks like your code is still running, since your cursor isn't at a > in the Console and you can see the stop sign in the upper right of the Console pane. Does it ever finish? It looks like your object has something like 3 million rows :open_mouth:, which I think would be extremely time consuming for ggplot2.

While it may be difficult with a shape file, if you can provide a reproducible example it will be much easier for folks to help you troubleshoot. See some ideas for how to do this here:

omgash just spotted the 3 billion rows, nope it never finishes is there any way I can reduce this?

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