colorRampPalette() and heat map annotation

I have a heat map annotates as follows :

annotation <- data.frame(EGFR_group = c("up","down","down","up","down"), miR_group = c("down","up","up","down","down"), miR_values = c(0.05, 5,4,0.02,0.001))
rownames(annotation) <- c("Sample1", "Sample2", "Sample3", "Sample4", "Sample5")
my_colour <- list(
EGFR_group = c(up = "red", down = "blue"),
miR_group =c(up = "red", down = "blue")

and to create my heatmap it works with

annotation_col = annotation,
annotation_colors = my_colour)

However, I want to create an heatmap annotation with a colorramppalette for miR_values from blue for the lowest value to red for the highest.
Thanks for help



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