Combining two dplyr functions

How to combine select() and arrange() dplyr functions together to select a column first, then arrange that selected column?
I was used the "flights" data set through "nycflights13" package. And I tried to select the "dep_delay" column and same time to arrange it. And at last I tried to extract first 10 rows. I done that task in three steps which mention below,

1). sel <- select(flights, dep_delay)
2). arr <- arrange (sel, dep_delay)
3). view (filter(arr, between(row_number(), 1, 10)))

But I want to combine these three code lines into a single code line.

Is the following acceptable as one code line?

select(flights, dep_delay) %>%  arrange (dep_delay) %>% filter(between(row_number(), 1, 10)) %>% View()
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It worked.. thanks a lot.

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