Combining .txt files with character data into a data frame for tidytext analysis

I have bunch of .txt files of Job Descriptions and I want to import them to do text mining analyses.

Please find attached some sample text files: Please use the 10kb and 20kb versions because the job descriptions are different lengths.

After combining them, I would like to do tidy text analyses and create document term matrices.

What I have done thus far:

file_list <- list.files(pattern="*.txt")
list_of_files <- lapply(file_list, read.delim)
mm<- merge_all(list_of_files) # this line doesn't work because the column headers of the lists are different
## Error in, x) : 'by' must specify a uniquely valid column

I would appreciate an answer that either helps me merge these lists into a data frame OR tells me a better way to import these text files OR sheds light on how to do tidy text analysis on lists rather than data frames.


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